About Us


Independence Professional’s owners have strong credentials with Degrees in
the field of Education and Special Education, both at an undergraduate and
graduate level. IP,LLC owners have extensive field experience, working with
elementary age children to adolescents to the elderly. Experience ranges from
working with those with intellectual disabilities to those with learning disabilities,
and finally, to those diagnosed with serious emotional disturbances. IP,LLC
owners have been Teachers and Counselors in the Classroom, Managers of Day
Programs, Group Homes, and Residential Living Environments. IP,LLC owners
strive hard to maintain an organization that provides high quality services where
our clients come first. IP,LLC owners are also aware that in order to provide high
quality services that high quality staff are needed, while balancing bottom up
management approaches.



Independence Professional’s Management staff have strong credentials ranging
from degrees in Education to degrees in Business, and hold Bachelor Level
to Doctoral Candidate status. IP,LLC Management staff have extensive field
experience, including Refugee Assistance Programs, Prison Programs, Early
Childhood Education, Life Skills Classrooms, and College Level Educators. IP,LLC
Management staff have worked with infants to the elderly. They have held
leadership positions in their churches to leadership positions in the social service
system. Many of the IP, LLC Management staff have personal experience with
family members with special needs and have a strong commitment to the families
with whom they serve.


Habilitation Specialists

Independence Professional’s Habilitation Specialists are professionals from
the fields of education and social work or related fields or bring with them
extensive experience in the field. IP,LLC Habilitation Specialists’ credentials
range to those with higher level education. IP,LLC Habilitation Specialists are
often times committed professionals who want meaningful work, but don’t want
the commitment of a full-time job due to commitments in their personal lives.
IP,LLC Habilitation Specialists are hard working, compassionate, and dedicated
individuals who take pride in their work.